Coastal Research Network on Environmental Changes

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The CREC website will provide you with information on our project and keep you updated on our recent research and management activities.

The CREC project started in June 1st 2010 and will last 4 years. The European Commission funds this project through its 7th Framework Programme. The CREC project is classified as MARIE CURIE ACTION and provides the exchange of international research staff. It brings together 9 participants from 3 European countries (Germany, Belgium, and Italy) and 5 third countries (South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, USA, Australia).

Group Picture with the participatns off the KickOff-Meeting in Dresden in June 2010The main goal of the project is to detect and analyse ongoing responses of mangroves, located at their latitudinal boundaries, to environmental changes such as sea level rise, temperature increase, and nutrient accumulation. We will address these issues by investigating: (i) The adaptation capability and plasticity in growth and reproduction of mangrove species, (ii) Factors determining the latitudinal limits of mangrove trees and benthic organisms,  (iii) Effects of climate change on the structure and function of coastal wetlands effects of interacting drivers; and other exciting issues described on the following pages ...

We selected mangroves as our core topic since these wetlands are particularly threatened by environmental changes but provide multiple functions to be conserved for the future.

With our assemblage of diverse experiences and research activities we hope to contribute to the development and implementation of innovative and scientifically sound technologies for coastal conservation and environmental management.


Uta Berger

CREC project coordinator

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